Aluminium Shopfronts

Why Choose Aluminium Shopfronts?

Our High-Performance Aluminium Shop Fronts are an attractive, modern and hard wearing solution for all types of commercial properties, designed for use in busy places and suitable for many types of commercial applications: The supercharged Aluminium Shop Fronts that Metro 1 Shopfitters possess are quite stunning, modern for any kind of commercial properties, basically designed for overblown places and acceptable for many types of commercial activities.

Metro 1 Shopfitters shop and window systems are built with topmost aluminium profile segments, designed keeping in mind individual statements, using computer specially designed for this purpose, after which it is created by hand, through our most expertise team. After the installation, we also provide post sale services which include repair of aluminium shopfronts in London.

The door system is created for repeated use with lesser maintenance and ease of use. The door can either be used as a single or even a double scale, all the entrance doors made by Metro 1 Shopfitters are made according to patron’s needs and most of them are customized.

All the Aluminium Doors at Metro 1 Shopfitters have the hydraulic hardware, DDA compliant thresholds, along with built inside trap system for finger (anti-finger trap system), and also options for a wheelchair to get easily, trolley, pushchair visitors.

Mechanical or electronic Locking devices are also available, which can be included in existing control systems.