Curtain Wall Systems

Various curtain wall systems

Curtain Wall System Has All The Things Required For Portico Technology In Newly Constructed Buildings. Portico Has Window Wall, Curtain Wall, Covering Elements. Facades Have Window Walls, Curtain Walls Along With Outer Wall Elements. Apart from installing, we also offer services of Repair of Curtain Walling in London.


What do Curtain walling System do in buildings?

Throwing away Water Penetration

Bringing About A Completely Watertight Sealed Curtain Console System Is Quite Difficult. Primary Level, Which Requires Complete Protection Of Water, Is Taken Place And In Case That Doesn’t Work, Then The Next Level, Which Requires A Direction So That Percolated Water To Be Thrown Out, Has To Be Done.


Protection to the wind, thermal activity
Each Floor Level, Therefore, Supports One Level Of Wind Load On A Building. Wind Actions Are Moved By Cladding System To Building Floors, Acting As Additive Support.


Solar levels

This Can Be Minimized By Getting Some Selected Solar Control Covering On One Of The Surfaces Of The Glass. The Coating Is Known As Selective Because Solar Radiation Of Varying Wavelengths Is Allowed To Penetrate Through Covering.


Different types of curtain wall system

Stick Curtain Wall System

Requires Its Parts To Be Gathered On By One On The Building Or On The Site. The Main Areas For Installation Are Low Rise Building Or Very Small Regions. The Reason Being That, To Go To A Higher Level Entry To Exterior Parts Is Essential. This Has A Low Shipping Cost Because The On-Site Adjustment Is Possible.