Fire Rated Rolling Shutters

In the same order to provide safety against fire, Metro 1 Shopfitters fire rated rolling shutters are among the most popular ones which people are ready to buy, these days. Their appearance and operation are quite similar to the traditional single skin rolling shutters. The one thing which makes them apart from others is the material that is been used along with the ability to repair things. Our team will be there in no time to undertake Fire Rated Shutters repair in London.

These type of fire-rated rolling shutters are outlined in such a way that they are able to survive under normal conditions, they automatically shut, in case of fire and are assembled and erected to avert fire spreading to adjoining areas. The links unfreeze at 68 degrees C, which is enough to activate the fire rolling shutters to automatically shut in case of fire The openings that need a two to four-hour fire rating, we give fire rolling shutters using the most leading technology and also according to descriptions which come under European Standards? Global/ British Standard.



  • The Fire rate rolling shutters act as the stumbling block and help in preventing the fire from spreading to other areas, in case of occurrence of fire.
  • The door automatically comes down, slowly in case of the eruption of fire.
  • All of the steel parts of fire rolling shutters are built and fixed to give complete protection.
  • All components of our shutters are made from High-Grade Steel. All the elements are part of steel made of highest order/ grade.
  • All the fire rated rolling shutters are available in different surfaces, all elements can b put to do powder coating
  • An addition of electric release and also insensitive time can be given according to customer’s personal liking
  • Doors may also include things like additional safety or devices like fire alarms, flashlights, smoke detectors or other fancy things.
  • Building Management System and shutter combination system can also be included, according to patrons’ specifications.