Automatic Door System

Why Choose Automatic Door System in London?

A sliding door operator is one that functions a sliding door for people to walk, as the name suggests, the door is opened automatically, waits for the person / person’s and then shuts on its own. We specialize in automatic doors installation, so you can refer to us anytime you want.



They can be activated by the following ways:

  • Reach sensor (also called radar sensor) – the door opens when anyone approaches nearby.
  • Switch – The door operates only when a button is pressed.
  • Privacy or verification- The doors operates only when an access control system governs the user is authorized or not to enter.
  • Automatic / spontaneous – Elevators

Any kind of activation from the above give the permission for the door to opened or closed.


Repair in a jiffy

With the passage of time, everything needs repair. We offer expert and swift Automatic door repairs London.



The shutters are not only easy to operate but easy to maintain as well .Once they are installed, our staff will guide you about the automatic doors maintenance London.


Safety detectors

Sensors are used to observe hurdles in the passage of closing doors. A light beam sensor is the simplest of all, which aims at opening, when beam is broken by any kind of hurdle, the operator averts the door from getting closed.



The operator is in the space which is above the door which is sliding.



There is a variety of sliding doors

  • Back door or popularly called Standard sliding doors, they can be found in either single wing or double wing)
  • Telescopic sliding door, even these have either two or more than two wings.
  • Orbicular sliding doors or circular sliding doors, they can be segment circular, semi – circular or full circular.
  • Hinged door or sliding folding door, having two or four wings.
  • Hermetic sliding door has a single wing or double wings