A good strong roller shutter or roller garage door provides security and peace of mind knowing that your premises are safely secured. In today’s modern times it is very important to have a deterrent and our range of roller shutter and roller garage doors are exactly that. Keeping intruders out but still ensuring that your building looks asthetically pleasing.


We manufacture our own lath in both 20 and 22 gauge using the best steel as both solid or perforated and brickbond depending on customer preference. At Metro 1 Shopfitters Profiles Ltd we do everything in house from rolling the lath to powdercoating. The roller shutter and roller garage doors doors can be supplied both using a manual or electrical operated system.


We have over 15 years experience in powdercoating and currently have an online powder plant that can handle lengths up to 12 metres. Doing everything in house means we have smaller lead times that means keeping costs down and those savings are passed on to you the customer. We are a West Midlands based company meaning we can pretty much get anywhere in the UK within a few hours to repair or replace your exisiting roller shutter door or roller garage door.